Vengeance Unit claims responsibility for sabotage in Urfa

A group who call themselves the Martyr Ciyager Hevi Vengeance Unit claimed responsibility for a sabotage action on August 13 against a factory that manufactured home appliances and explosive materials in Urfa.

A written statement was released in the name of Martyr Ciyager Hevi Vengeance Unit that said, “On August 13, with revolutionary tactic and strategy our Martyr Ciyager Hevi Vengeance Unit carried out a sabotage action against a factory that manufactures explosive materials and home appliances in Urfa, supporting the state’s war economy.”

The statement said the action resulted in a fire and the factory had burned down. The Vengeance Unit said, “This action was carried out in the memory of Fermandar Ciyager Hevi, the legendary commander and leader of the self-government resistance.”