Vigil for Democracy continues in Mardin under police blockade

Police forces continue threatening the protesting group in an attempt to end their action.

The vigils for democracy launched by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Amed, Mardin and Van in protest at the removal of elected mayors and appointment of trustees to the three metropolitan municipalities, continue on day 23.

HDP members faced with police blockade after they left the party headquarters to march to the Karayolları Park where the vigil is held. Police laid a siege around the HDP offices and did not allow the group to leave. Following a discussion between the HDP group and the police, deputies left the crowd and went to the park.

Residents who wanted to join the deputies during their sit-in action in the city center, were also obstructed by the police. People therewith started a sit-in action in front of the shields of the police. The songs chanted by people were also intervened by the police who threated to attack if they continued, which turned out to be the case.

Police tried to disperse the crowd by use of force and seized the phones of those around to delete the photos they had taken during the crackdown.

The press statement made by HDP Siirt MP Meral Danış Beştaş was broadcast online on social media by Mardin MP Ebru Günay as journalists were not allowed access to the area.

Beştaş said; “Despite the fact that our co-mayors who were elected by the people of Mardin have been removed from their posts, the trustee cannot govern Mardin.”