Voting in Dominican Republic stained by huge delays

The municipal elections in Santo Domingo were marked by delays and failures in the automated voting system, according to several political parties spokespersons.

Dozens of polling stations nationwide began with huge delay the voting process.

While politicians and institutions were trying to find a solution to the long delays, hours after the opening of the polling stations, only 12% of the municipalities with automated voting had actually began registering votes. 

"Only 12% of municipalities with automated voting have been able to operate, the teams do not have all the candidates on the ballot," confirmed the leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

A total of 7,487,040 Dominicans were called to the polls to elect about 3,849 positions between mayors and councilors in the country's 158 municipalities.

Dominicans will elect 158 ​​mayors, the same number of vice mayors, 1,164 councilors and their alternates, 235 directors and deputy directors and 735 members, who will take office on 24 April for a period of four years.

These elections are crucial both for the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), which together with its allies controls 107 of the 158 mayors, as well as for the opposition Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), which has 30 mayors, including the of the National District, center of the capital.

For these municipal elections, automated voting were to be used for the first time in 1,772 of the 16,032 polling stations, while the rest will be manual.