Work-related accidents claim the life of 4 workers in 20 days

In the summer, with the start of the construction season, death on the work place began to increase.

In recent days, Kurdish young people are being victims of work-related deaths. In the last 20 days, 4 young people from Van and Ağrı suffered fatal accidents in construction sites. Unemployment rose to 85 percent due to the economic embargo imposed by the AKP on Kurdistan cities. It has reached the end point in livestock and agriculture in areas where highlands and pastures are prohibited.

Young people fighting unemployment and poverty are forced to end up working in the construction sectors both in Turkey outside the major metropolitan areas or abroad.

Many are the Kurdish young people who return to their houses and families either disabled or in a coffin, after years working away. Construction worker Nevzat Aslan (32), registered with the population of Van Gürpınar, lost his balance while working on the 12th floor of an apartment building in Ardahan on 12 July. He fell and died in an elevator shaft.

Murat Yaşar, father of 4 and Ali Ceylan, father of 2, living in Diyadin, in the province of Ağrı, fell from the pier in the construction site where they were working in Algeria, North Africa. Although the workers from Diyadin fell from construction and lost their lives on 2 July, their bodies were brought to the town of Diyadin 10 days later to be buried. All the applications made by the families of the workers to the Turkish authorities to bring the bodies earlier went unheard.

The workers' families said that the cargo plane belonging to the Turkish state waited for 10 days in Algeria and left only when full.

Fırat Akbayrak, 23, who was registered to the population of Yukarı Çökek (Ezik) District of Erciş district, also fell from the 8th floor of the construction site where he was working on 19 June and died.