Yazidis in Europe condemn the international silence on attacks against Shengal and Maxmur

The European Yazidi Community Coordination condemned the silence of the international community, especially the UN, in the face of the attacks on Shengal and Maxmur.

In a written statement, the European Yazidi Community Coordination said that the recent attacks against Shengal and Maxmur reveal the true face of Erdogan and his government, which is increasing crackdown on dissidents in Turkey and primarily responsible for the instability and conflicts in the region.

The statement continued: “Although the Iraqi central government seems to be responsible for the recent escalation in the Maxmur refugee camp, the main force behind the attacks is Erdogan and his local collaborators. The attempt to turn the Maxmur camp, which is under the auspices of the United Nations Refugee Committee, into an open prison clearly shows that the UN is under the influence of expansionist and aggressive forces in the region. The increasing attacks against the Yazidi community in Shengal and the frequent resettlement of pro-ISIS people in the region aim at completely removing the Yazidi community from the region.”

The statement noted that a civilian named Seid Eşur lost his life, and another civilian was injured in a drone attack carried out by the fascist Turkish state on May 22, 2023.

“It is obvious that Erdogan and his partners, who have played a key role in the emergence and growth of ISIS, unleashing their troops against the Yazidi community, did not swallow down Shengal's ability to defend itself, the freedom and the autonomy it deserved. It is a crime against humanity to constantly attack this community, which does not have problems with any other community, without discriminating between civilians, elderly people, women or children. Therefore, whoever attacks the Yazidi faith and community is no different from ISIS, no matter what reasons they have. The silence of many western countries, especially the UN, which recognizes the genocide against the Yazidi community, is unacceptable. This incoherence and hypocrisy should be eliminated immediately. Necessary reaction should be given, and precautions should be taken. Otherwise, they will be held responsible for the attacks.”

The European Yazidi Community Coordination called on “all our people, public opinion and especially the Yazidi community to raise concern over these attacks and show their democratic reactions.”