Young internationalist observers protest usurpation of will in Van

After the political coup in Van, internationalist election observers protested the usurpation of the will of citizens.

Internationalists who were in Amed (Diyarbakır) to observe the election said on Tuesday evening that they would immediately travel to Van. On Monday, the AKP candidate, who was almost 30 percentage points behind, received the mayor's mandate after the DEM party's candidate, who won the elections with 55.5 percent of the vote, had his civil rights revoked.

Protests continued in Van and dozens of other cities on Tuesday. Lawyers, representatives of civil society organizations and parties have made their way to Van, as has the delegation of internationalists.

The internationalists said via the DEM party's youth council's X account: "We are here in Kurdistan as an internationalist youth delegation to observe the elections. The elections were a great victory for the Kurdish people. In the Van elections, the DEM party won with a 55 percent lead, 28 percentage points ahead of the AKP. The Turkish state does not accept its defeat and attacks the will of the people. Instead of Abdullah Zeydan, who was democratically elected, the AKP candidate was appointed. People in Van have taken to the streets to protest against these rights violations. Like many others, we will travel to Van to fight for human rights, democracy and freedom. Serkeftin. Jin, Jiyan, Azadi."