Young man tortured by police in Van dies in prison

Tortured and arrested by security officers in Van province on January 11, Murat E. was found dead in prison two days later.

35-year-old Murat E. was detained by the police for alleged “theft” in Van province on January 11. The young man, who was tortured by the police and watchmen, was taken to the police station. One day later, he was brought before court and remanded in custody. He was then sent to the M Type Prison and put in solitary confinement.

Murat E. Died suspiciously and his body was found dead on the morning of January 13. The prison management, which did not inform the family or the lawyers for a long while, claimed that he had "committed suicide because of drug effects".

The autopsy report issued by the Forensic Medicine Institute in Van the same day did not mention the cause of death but reported only a “cerebral oedema”.

While the Forensic Medicine Institute in Van requested the delivery of the body to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Van, the body was handed over to the family and buried.

Lawyers of the young man have requested a review of the hospital and prison surveillance camera recordings. The case has been subject to a confidentiality order.