Your silence kills campaign publishes new report on chemical weapons

Your silence kills campaign published a new report on Turkish use of chemical weapons.

The campaign Your Silence Kills provides information for the international public and media about war crimes committed by Turkey.

Its aim is to create the foundation for the responsive action that must follow to prevent further violations of human dignity. We hope that our dossier can contribute to this cause and lead to more individuals and organizations speaking out on this issue.

The campaign has released a new detailed report on Turkish use of chemical weapons. The authors said: "With our dossier "STOP TURKISH WAR CRIMES: Report on Turkey's use of chemical agents in warfare" we want to make the findings of different delegations, eyewitness reports, video & photo material available to a broad public."

The report can be downloaded here

The campaign listed its demands as follows:

1) We call on the international media to finally report on Turkey’s war crimes, especially the use of chemical weapons. Silence towards these crimes kills! 

2) We call on the OPCW member states and the United Nations to immediately initiate investigations to clarify the chemical weapons allegations against Turkish forces in Southern Kurdistan.

3) We support the call of the Kurdish Civil Society in Europe & DefendKurdistan Campaign for Action Days against Turkey’s Chemical Warfare in Kurdistan from 30.11.-04.12.

4) To provide information to the international public & media, we produce dossiers, documentaries and an extensive collection of sources.

When international organisations, governments & media remain inactive, it is on you, it is on us to act. Together we can break the silence!