YPS-JIN claims actions in Van, Muğla and Mersin

YPS-JIN Martyr Yıldız Gabar Retaliation Teams reported that they targeted an armoured police vehicle and a workplace in the actions they carried out in Van, Muğla and Mersin.

YPS-JIN Martyr Yıldız Gabar Retaliation Teams announced that they carried out three different actions within the scope of the "revenge campaign against colonialism and agent-cooperation".

A written statement gave the following details regarding the actions:

"On the evening of 9 October, a bomb was detonated against an armoured police vehicle in the neighbourhood of Xaçort in Van. The number of casualties was not established and the enemy blockaded the area after the action.

On 10 October, a workplace belonging to fascist individuals was set on fire in the neighbourhood of Konacık in Bodrum, Muğla. As a result of the action, the shop was completely burned down.

On 11 October, a bomb was detonated on 20th Street in Güvenevler, Yenişehir. While the explosion was heard all over the city, the enemy did not come to the scene for a long time. There was no clear information about the outcome of the action."

The Retaliation Teams also said: "At a time when fascism is at its peak in Kurdistan, we will take the struggle for freedom to the highest levels! We will neither accept the isolation of our Leader [Ocalan, neither we will remain silent against assimilation and genocide.”