16 young women detained after the attack in Hewler

The Hewler police detained youth from Maxmur after Turkish consulate staff were killed in the city on July 17.

Young people from Maxmur who work in Hewler had their homes raided after the attack against Turkish consulate staff. Hewler police carried out the raids and arrested 16 young women. The houses were turned upside down during the searches and 16 women were detained. There were Turkish speakers among the raid personnel.

On July 17, 3 people were killed in a shooting in a restaurant. One of them was from the Tukrish consulate staff.

The raids in the aftermath of the shooting were carried out at 2 a.m. last night. Detainees were taken to the Hewler Asayish headquarters.

11 of the detainees were released today while 5 remain in custody.

The released detainees said there were Turkish speakers accompanying the Asayish units during the raids. The Turkish speakers said to the young people, “We know who you are, you support the PKK”.

There is no information on what happened to the 5 people who are still in custody. Officials have issued no statements either.