Chomsky presents letter against militarization of Zapatista areas

Noam Chomsky has presented the letter against the militarization of indigenous zones of the Zapatista Movement addressed to President López Obrador.

In the text he expresses - together with numerous intellectuals and social and political organizations - his concern for the militarization that the López Obrador government is carrying out in the territory Zapatista

The document is signed, among others, by Arundhati Roy, Boaventura De Souza Santos, Raúl Zibechi, Eric Toussaint and Michael Löwy.

The letter reads: "We see that in the midst of the complex security situation that Mexico is experiencing, the path of militarization of the country is becoming even stronger. It is a warning signal that under the much-questioned strategy around the National Guard, this is how many times a "security" force has occurred that does not distinguish between crime and resistance, between cruelty and dignified rebellion.

It is contradictory that when the Mexican Government's own figures indicate that the Zapatista zone is one of the lowest crime rate, the security strategy is directed in a threatening manner in those areas that are the few sanctuaries of freedom and security for Mexico. That more than a security strategy seems like a strategy of war ".

The academics insist that this is not an attack on the management of AMLO (López Obrador) in general, but a necessary warning: "We see a growing hostility towards authentic, historical and legitimate resistance that opposes projects such as the Mayan Train, the Corridor Transístmico and the Integral Morelos Plan, among others.

We are concerned about the recent homicides of members of the National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Council of Government.

We are concerned about the possibility that this new administration, like its predecessors, liberals or conservatives, once again insults indigenous peoples on the verge of extermination. The world is looking with eyes and heart at what is happening in Mexico and Chiapas."