Families of martyrs: We don’t want Erdoğan on our land

Martyrs’ families, who have paid the greatest price for the establishment and protection of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Federation, say they don’t want the Turkish regime on their lands.

Martyrs’ families visited the graves of their children for the Eid al-Adha. Beforehand, the cemeteries were cleaned and adorned with colorful candles. At night, the candlelight twinkles on the stones.

Martyr’s mother Celila Eli from Qamishlo went to the cemetery on Saturday night for her son Shero. She has two other sons who are veterans.

When asked about the Turkish state attacks, Celila Eli spoke about the price the families paid.

“We never forget what price our children paid. Their blood is sacred. We do not accept the attacks.”

The mother said: “I am a mother to all martyrs, not just Martyr Shero.”

Celila Eli said they celebrate Eid for their children at the cemetery every year: “We also visit them on Fridays to pray. Erdoğan is building a wall on our border and then he invades our land. He sets fire to our crops. What does he want from us? We do not want the labor of our martyred children to go to waste. We, like all humans, want our rights and we will never accept this invasion attempt. We do not want war. We want justice. Doesn’t anybody hear us? If Erdoğan wants war, we as martyrs’ mothers will be standing. We won’t bow down. We are ready for anything, be it a dignified peace or a war.”

Children visited the cemetery alongside their parents. They have all lost someone, fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers.

10-year-old Zila Melek spoke about her father Ednan Melek with pride and sang a song for him.

She knows Erdoğan and his threats: “Today we are at the cemetery to visit our relatives. We lit candles on every martyr’s grave. We promise our martyrs that nobody can touch them, and nobody can enter our lands. We as children don’t want Erdoğan on our lands. We are peaceful people, we don’t want war. I celebrate the Eid al-Adha for all martyrs’ mothers, spouses and children. Biji Serok Apo.”