KCK: US withdrawal from Syria will not weaken the struggle

Referring to the withdrawal decision of the US from Syria as a "rescue operation for the fascist AKP/MHP government" KCK said: "The new balance of power will lead the Turkish invasion to a defeat."

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency released a statement on US President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria as the fight against ISIS continues.

The statement evaluates the plans behind the decision and possible consequences, calling for the raising of fight against the occupiers relying on self-strength.

Full text of the KCK statement reads as follows:

"The fact that the Turkish state's threats against West Kurdistan and northern Syria are part of a plot is evident in the US withdrawal decision from Syria. The Syrian policy of the Turkish state reveals the political, economic and social decline of the Turkish state in the face of the struggle of the Kurdish freedom movement.

A rescue operation for the Turkish state

While the Turkish state has entered a process of collapse against the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people, a plot against the Rojava revolution has been set up as a rescue operation for the Turkish state. Germany and the US have made every effort to prevent the economic collapse of Turkey. In order to support Turkey politically, the US has offered a bounty on three leading cadres of the Liberation Movement. All these acts are operations to rescue the AKP-MHP fascist government from the economic and political crisis caused on Turkey by the struggle given by the Kurdish people and democratic powers.

On the other hand, the democratic system that has been established in northern Syria by the Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and all the peoples of the region has hindered the success of Turkey's Syrian and Middle East policies. The Turkish state has suffered such a profound defeat with its jihadist militias in Syria that it now tends towards occupying Northern Syria as a way out, but into an even deeper swamp.

The plans for the east of the Euphrates

TEV-DEM has evaluated the US decision to withdraw from Syria to be a call for Turkish occupation, and exposed some plans being planned.

It is understood that in addition to the effort to build up some collaborative Arab groups east of the Euphrates, there is also a plan to activate in a few cities some collaborative Kurdish structures that have also taken part in the occupation of Afrin. Evaluations of Rojava democratic society structure expose the US withdrawal to be in line with such a dirty plan.

However, such plans and plots have been in effect for years, but could never manage to derail the democratic-revolutionary path in northern Syria. On the contrary, the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac, Circassian, Turkmen, Druze and Armenian peoples have, in accordance with the principles of a democratic nation, created a democratic unity and further strengthened the revolution.

Withdrawal and invasion will strengthen the revolution

The occupation attacks of the Turkish state and the US withdrawal will further increase the people's resolve to resist and strengthen the revolution. The interventions of external powers have made it harder for the democratic forces to fight on the basis of internal dynamics. In this sense, the US withdrawal will result in all democratic forces achieving and strengthening their true resilience dynamics. The democratic revolution of northern Syria will reach a new potential.

The democratic revolution in Syria was caused to misguide

The democratic revolution in Syria was distorted by the struggle of external forces in its character. In this way, all external forces and inhuman gangs such as ISIS have prevented the struggle of the peoples of Syria from taking its original direction. The democratic revolutionary forces, misguided within Arab society, will return to the true course of the democratic-revolutionary struggle in Syria. In particular, the democratic-revolutionary dynamics within Arab society that were misguided together with the intervention of the Turkish state, will play an active role in the impending phase of the democratic revolution and the building of Syria's unity.

The new balances will make the occupation fail

The revolution of Rojava and the democratic revolutionary forces in Syria have entered the stage of history without the help of external forces. They have developed a democratic revolution and struggle for freedom. In this sense, the US withdrawal will not weaken the democratic-revolutionary struggle in Syria. On the contrary, it will cause the policy of the Turkish state, which seeks to establish a political rule over Syria through the US presence and is built on external forces, to collapse.

The militia designated today as FSA came under the control of Turkey with the support of the US. The US has prevented the attack of Russia and Syria on Idlib, where jihadists have merged. In this sense, despite the fact that the US has opened the way to Turkish state’s occupation of northern Syria by withdrawing its troops, the new emerging balances will lead to a failure of the Turkish invasion.

Iran is clear that Turkey has joined forces with the United States

Although Turkey is still manifesting fraudulent approaches towards Iran, Iran has the political experience of knowing that Turkey has joined forces with the US against its policies. It is clear to Russia, Iran and Syria what the militias, which Turkey wants to station east of the Euphrates, mean to themselves. Turkey’s use of some collaborative forces, such as in the occupation of Afrin, will bring Syria's instability to a new level.

The retreat will make the democratic dynamics even more visible

The US withdrawal has made it even clearer that the system built by the democratic-revolutionary forces in northern Syria is the most important factor for stability and peace in Syria. In this sense, US withdrawal of troops has enabled the democratic dynamics in Syria to be seen with their true dimension.

The emergence of this reality will make the revolution of Rojava, which emerged without the support of external powers, and the democratic forces of Syria even more effective.

The Turkish desire for destruction of the revolution will not be fulfilled in the dream

Turkey's plan to influence the Arabs in northern Syria with the support of the US and some other forces and to destroy the Rojava revolution with a few collaborating Kurds will not be fulfilled in a dream.

If the PDK gets involved in Turkey's game, it will lose

If the PDK gets involved in the game of the hostile Turkish state and acts hostile to the Rojava revolution, it will lose itself. The PDK should fulfill its role in creating a Kurdish unity and strengthen the democratic system in northern Syria. It should not get involved in the machinations of Turkey and should not be involved in the occupation plans. The US should also not participate in this plan hostile to the Kurds and other peoples of northern Syria.

The US should give up its complicity role

The US wants to pull itself out of Syria in order not to fall into a similar hopeless situation as Turkey, however, they should not bring themselves with their anti-Kurdish policy in a much more difficult situation. The US should neither be accomplices in the invasion of the Turkish state nor participate in machinations against the free and democratic Kurdish forces.

The democratic system of peoples must be respected

The revolution implemented by the peoples of northern Syria and Rojava is based on a strong yearning for freedom and democracy, as well as a great social force. Because it builds on Abdullah Öcalan's model of a democratic nation, so it cannot be destroyed by external pressure, conspiracy or occupation. No one should even dream of reversing or destroying the Rojava revolution. If you want stability, peace and democracy in Syria, you have to respect the democratic and liberal system that the peoples have built up. The revolution in Rojava and northern Syria not only laid the foundation for Syria's democratic unity, it also gave hope to the Middle East and the entire Arab people to build a self-confident democratic society and end the nightmare of oppression and cruelty.

The population of northern Syria has more than ten thousand killed and at least twice as many injured in the fight against ISIS, and has become the conscience of entire humanity today, which means becoming the most powerful society in the world. It is not possible to defeat a popular power that became the conscience and honor of the world.

Not only the US, but all forces must withdraw from Syria

Not only the US, but all forces, above all Turkey, must withdraw from Syria. The essential force that sabotages the stability, peace and brotherhood of peoples in Syria today and aggravates the problems is the Turkish occupation state. Thus, the peoples of the Middle East and Syria, as well as all humanity, should take a stand against the fascist Turkish state and fight for an end to the occupation of Syria, including Afrin.

The greatest threat to democratic unity is the fascist AKP MHP government

At the moment, the fascist AKP/MHP regime poses the greatest threat to the democratic unity of Syria. Without the intervention of the Turkish state, the peoples of Syria, based on the principles of a democratic nation, would both maintain their unity and ensure the democratization of Syria. Democratization is the only way to achieve the unity of Syria.

The Turkish state opposes democratization to prevent the unity of Syria and to continue its pressure and intervention on Syria by taking advantage of the resulting weakness.

All those who want a unity of Syria must therefore fight together against the Turkish state on the basis of democratization and create an independent, democratic Syria. We urge that all democratic dynamics of Syria and the Syrian government to come to terms on the democratization of Syria and to build a free democratic Syria in which all peoples have self-government.

We will provide any support against attacks

At the moment, the unity of the Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and other identities according to the principles of a democratic nation is the greatest achievement of the democratic revolution in Syria. We call for the expansion of the unity of peoples originated in northern Syria throughout Syria to strengthen not only the unity of Syria, but the whole of the Middle East. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we emphasize again that we support this unity and state that we are ready for any support and intervention in the event of an attack against it.

We call on the Kurds and all other peoples of Northern Syria to increase the resistance against invaders with the awareness that peoples’ conscience and honor is the biggest power, and to build Democratic Syria on the basis of democratic and free Syria. We reiterate that we always stand by our people in all parts of Kurdistan.”