Lawyer attacked for saying “Kurdistan”

CHD member Lawyer Siar Risvanoglu was subjected to a racist attack for using the words “guerrilla” and “Kurdistan” in the Adana Bar Association General Assembly.

Lawyer Siar Risvanoglu, member of the Contemporary Lawyers Association which was shut down by a Statutory Decree (KHK), gave a speech in the Adana Bar Association General Assembly held on October 15 and was subjected to a racist attack for saying the words “guerrilla” and “Kurdistan”. Risvanoglu protested the Bar Association’s silence regarding the attack.


According to an article by the Mesopotamia Agency, Risvanoglu started his speech by commemorating Tahir Elci, former President of the Amed Bar Association who was murdered by state forces, and said the following: “After the Soma accident, after the workers in the third airport construction site were arrested, I can’t feel at ease. I can’t continue with my normal life. The war is still raging in Turkey. Bodies come out of Kurdistan every day, be them guerrilla, soldier, police bodies, children of poor workers. How are you at ease?”


Risvanoglu said some lawyers calling themselves “nationalist lawyers” came at him: “They came at me, threatening and insulting me. They called me a terrorist, a PKK member, a communist. They yelled at me, ‘Where is this Kurdistan?’ They came at me, but some lawyers I know intervened, but were also attacked with chairs. After a break, I continued my speech.”

Risvanoglu said the leader of the racist lawyers called the police and targeted him. The inciter said, “I am speaking to the cameras here. I call public prosecutors to duty. The terrorist lawyer Siar Risvanoglu has called certain parts of our country, which has been soaked with martyrs’ blood, Kurdistan. He has praised the terrorists, calling them guerrillas. The general assembly must be rescued from the throes of the CHD terrorist organization. Consider this an official complaint. We as the Turkish Legal Industry will file necessary complaints as well.”

Risvanoglu said, “This is the first time we have experienced this. The Bar Association President Veli Kucuk has been silent in the face of this attack.”


“On top of this horrific situation, there is a constant encouragement for informants, confessors and forced espionage,” said Risvanoglu and continued: “Under this bourgeoisie hegemony, there is an effort to physically eliminate people if possible, as seen in examples in Roboski, Cizre and Sur. They may seem to be winning in the short term, but we will prevail by the end of the marathon.”