Riseup4Rojava urges participation in demos in many cities today

The international campaign and platform Riseup4Rojava has organised actions all over Europe today and Saturday to protest the appointment of trustees to Amed, Van and Mardin municipalities.

The international campaign and platform Riseup4Rojava has said in a declaration of solidarity with the resistance against the AKP’s seizure of HDP-run municipalities in Amed, Mardin and Van that it will organise actions throughout Europe at the weekend.

The Platform consists of over 40 organisations from 12 countries, including the CNT and CGT trade unions from Catalonia, the autonomous InfoAut network from Italy, Plan C from the UK and the Internationalist Commune of Rojava.

Demonstrations planned for today are as follows:

Paris, at 5 pm, in Place de la République

Marseille, at 6 pm, in Canebière

Bordeaux, at 7 pm, in Place de la Bourse

Rennes, at 4 pm, in Place du Colombier

Strasbourg, at 1 pm, in Place Kléber

Toulouse, at 6 pm, in Métro Francois Verdier

Grenoble, at 2 pm, in Place Victor Hugo

Lorient, at 5 pm, in Rue du Port

Stockholm, at 1 pm, in Norra Bantorget

Copenhagen, at 1 pm

Amsterdam, at 3 pm, in Dam

London, at 2 pm, in Trafalgar Square

Vienna, at 6 pm, in West Bf