On the fifth anniversary of the victory in Baghouz, SDF continues its relentless fight against ISIS

Dedicating the victory at al-Baghouz to their martyrs and all the people, SDF emphasized that all forces concerned with defeating terrorism must assume their full responsibilities and increase their participation in the struggle against ISIS.


The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement on the fifth anniversary of the defeat of the terrorist organization ISIS in its last stronghold in the town of al-Baghouz on March 23 after a long struggle waged by the Syrian Democratic Forces in all its military formations, along with the Internal Security Forces, based on the unlimited support of the people in north and eastern Syria and the support of the international coalition forces. Together, we were able to eliminate the terrorist organization and its so-called caliphate, said the SDF statement, which includes the following:

“On this momentous occasion, one that brings immense pride to our people and the free world, we stand with the deepest respect and reverence before the souls of our martyrs. Their precious blood and sacrifices paved the way for victory in al-Baghouz and countless other battles. We also acknowledge the unwavering resistance of our fighters, who etched the most inspiring sagas of heroism and liberation throughout the struggle against the terrorist organization. And, let us not forget the pivotal role played by our peoples, united in their resolve, in defeating this enemy.

Our forces waged historic resistance, witnessed by the world, against the most extremist terrorist organization in recent history. The brutality inflicted by ISIS was undeniable, yet our fighters’ unwavering belief in the justness of their cause fueled their moral strength. They shattered the myth ISIS created through its gruesome tactics and dismantled the aura of terror it used to control civilians.  The world remembers how ISIS thrived on a “theory of brutality,” spreading fear and violence among innocent populations. No city under its control was spared from its barbarity.

As our forces inflicted successive blows on the terrorist organization, ISIS’s grip on territory crumbled. ISIS then consolidated its most hardened fighters in al-Baghouz. Facing imminent defeat, they resorted to using abducted civilians as human shields. However, our forces responded with the utmost professionalism and ethical conduct. We repeatedly declared ceasefires to facilitate civilian escape, established humanitarian corridors to safe havens, and all actions adhered to the rules of engagement aligned with international law. Detained ISIS members were transferred to designated holding facilities.

The liberation of al-Baghouz marked a pivotal moment. Our forces freed millions from the organization’s terror, safeguarding not only our region but the world from its barbarity. ISIS’ control over vast swathes of Syria and Iraq posed a global threat, as evidenced by its terrorist operations in numerous countries.

On this occasion, we reaffirm that the terrorist organization still poses a great danger to our regions and the world, as it seeks to rebuild itself through its sleeper cells and tries to revive its dreams of regaining geographical control over some areas. Bombings and assassinations targeting civilians in service roles, administrative personnel, and those who oppose its ideology persist. In response, our forces maintain vigilance through military and security operations to dismantle these cells and apprehend their members.

The complete eradication of ISIS from our region and the world requires dismantling its ideological breeding ground. ISIS is still trying to recruit new terrorist elements, attempting to radicalize them into its ranks. To achieve this, we urge all nations to collaborate effectively with our forces, particularly those within the international coalition against ISIS. Their continued support is vital in this ongoing struggle. Beyond military efforts, reconstruction is paramount. We call for broad international participation in restoring public infrastructure ravaged by terrorism. Additionally, the issue of ISIS detainees requires a global solution. Their home countries should repatriate their nationals, or an international court established in our region can oversee fair trials adhering to international law. Ending the issue of ISIS families in al-Hol camp is a priority that cannot be overlooked or ignored, as the camp is still a ticking time bomb, despite our forces’ keenness to dry up the terrorist breeding environment inside the camp. Concerns are growing about the children of ISIS who are receiving the organization’s teachings within this terrorist-infested environment. This in itself poses a threat to the future of the region and the world and must be dealt with all due care and responsibility by everyone.

There is no doubt that the attacks by the Turkish occupying state and its mercenaries on our areas provide ISIS with all the means to rebuild its ranks and become more dangerous. We have proven with conclusive evidence that the Turkish-occupied areas are a hotbed for ISIS elements, from where they plan their attacks on our areas and receive the necessary support from the Turkish state to carry out its terrorist operations. The attacks on Deir ez-Zor by some mercenaries also revitalized ISIS and created the right environment for it to escalate its terrorist attacks in the region, whether against our forces or civilians.

On this basis, the lasting defeat of ISIS necessitates effective international cooperation. This includes pressuring some regional actors who provide ISIS with all forms of support.

We once again dedicate the victory at al-Baghouz to our martyrs and all our people, and we emphasize that all forces concerned with defeating terrorism must assume their full responsibilities and increase their participation in the struggle that our forces are waging against ISIS so that we can eradicate ISIS and ensure lasting security and peace for our region and the world.”