24-year-old injured by Turkish armed drone in Kobanê

A 24-year-old was injured by a Turkish armed drone in Kobanê, while he was watering a field.

A 24-year-old was attacked and injured by a Turkish drone in Kobanê. As the ANHA news agency reported, the small drone targeted the victim while he was watering a field. The man, who was injured in his upper body, among other things, was taken to the central hospital in Kobanê to be treated. According to the doctors, his life is not in danger.

The drone attack that injured Yehya Îbrahîm Elî occurred on Sunday afternoon in a cultivated area between the densely populated villages of Kûltep (Koltep) and Bexdikê (Baghdik), which are located in the east of the canton. The attack started at a Turkish army outpost in Suruç (Pirsûs), which is on the other side of the border.

In Kobanê, missiles fired by Turkish border guards or drones keep hitting the area. The attacks often take place in residential areas that are close to defense posts of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and positions of Syrian regime troops. These have been targeted by Turkish troops several times in recent weeks and months.

The villages of Kûltep and Bexdikê are often targeted by Turkish NATO army troops in the border area near Kobanê. Just last Friday, a drone targeted the field that was bombed on Sunday while people were working there. The attack caused a fire in the area that could only be extinguished with difficulty.

Armed drone shot down over Manbij

Armed drones are also used by mercenaries of the Turkish-loyal jihadist organization SNA (Syrian National Army) in attacks against the autonomous region of Northern and Eastern Syria. In a village in the town of Manbij, southwest of Kobanê, fighters from the local military council were able to shoot down such a drone on Saturday. Previously, pro-Turkish Islamists had attacked several villages along the contact line near Manbij with grenades, as a video published by the military council shows.