9th Women's Literature and Arts Festival in Qamishlo

The 9th Women's Literature and Arts Festival kicked off with the participation of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Yazidi, Armenian and Circassian people. The number of participants this year is remarkable, said the organizers.

The 9th Women's Literature and Art Festival, organized by the Jazira Canton Cultural Board in cooperation with the Hîlala Zêrîn Women's Cultural Movement, started with the participation of many Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Yazidi, Armenian and Circassian women.

The festival is held at the Mihemed Şêxo Culture and Art Center in Qamishlo with the slogan "Revolutionary women weave the braids of freedom".

This year, 21 painters participated with 27 works of art, while 11 groups and 7 independent people participated in the handicrafts section. 47 women's books are being presented at the festival.

Festival Preparation Committee member and Jazir Canton Culture and Board co-chair Feryal Îbrahîm said that the number of female participants was higher than in previous years.

Speaking on behalf of the Autonomous Administration, Jazira Canton Autonomous Administration Executive Council co-chair Vivian Beho said that the importance of this festival stems from the development of women's culture and art in the region.

Artist Yasmîn El Esker sang Arabic songs, poet Rûken Elîşêr read poems in Kurdish, poet Feyrûz Reşik read poems in Arabic, and poet Gebrîyêla Yûsif read poems in Syriac. The Armenian Artsax dance group performed a dance show.

Traditional clothes of the people of the region prepared by Nûrhan Ebdullah, Cîhan Ebdulezîz and the Armenian Community Council were exhibited.

The play 'Hikayet Weten' and the film 'Resayil Şengal' were the events for the opening.

Today, Saturday, is the last day of the festival.