Activists in Nottingham pay tribute to martyr Erik Scurfield

Erik Scurfield, who fell as a martyr in the war against ISIS in Northern and Eastern Syria in 2015, was commemorated at his grave in Nottingham on the anniversary of his death.

YPG fighter Erik Scurfield (Kemal), who fell as a martyr in the war against ISIS in Til Beraq, Qamishlo, on 2 March 2015, was commemorated at High Wood Cemetery in Nottingham, where he has been buried.

At the commemoration attended by members of the British Kurdish People's Assembly, Kurdish people and internationalists, a moment of silence was observed in memory of all the martyrs of the revolution in the person of the international martyrs.

Flowers were left on the grave of the martyr and candles were lit by those attending the ceremony. Kurdish activists said that the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the people of Kurdistan once again commemorated the international martyrs in the person of Erik Scurfield with respect and gratitude.