Anti-Terrorist Forces thwart suicide attack by ISIS in Hesekê

Anti-Terrorist Forces affiliated with the Internal Security Forces killed 2 ISIS gang members who were preparing a suicide attack in Hesekê and captured 2 others.

The Internal Security Forces Press Liaison Center carried out an operation against ISIS gangs who were preparing a suicide attack in Hesekê. Gang members were brought from Idlib, which is under the control of the Turkish state.

Anti-Terrorist Forces (HAT) located the gang members staying in a private guesthouse affiliated with the ISIS terrorist organization in a high area of Ebdulezîz Mountain.

In its statement, the Internal Security Forces said that the Anti-Terrorist Forces carried out an operation where the gangs were staying, but the gang members responded with fire. According to the statement, one gang member was killed in the conflict and another gang blew himself up. It was reported that two other gang members were caught with weapons on them.

2 Kalashnikovs, 11 Kalashnikov magazines, 7 pistols and a rifle were also seized during the operation.