Artillery attacks start wildfire in Ain Issa

A wildfire has broken out in a village near Ain Issa following artillery attacks by Turkish and jihadist occupation forces. The fire brigade and civil defence are prevented from extinguishing the fire caused by continued shelling.

A wildfire has broken out in Ain Issa in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria as a result of heavy artillery attacks by the Turkish army and jihadist auxiliary forces.

The fire brigade and the civil defence and disaster control services are ready to search for possible casualties and extinguish the flames. However, continued shelling from the occupation zone is deliberately preventing the units from initiating fire-fighting measures.

The village of Saydiyah (Seyda), located around two kilometres north-west of the city centre of Ain Issa, is affected by the attacks with howitzers and grenades, ongoing since Sunday morning. Initially, a herb and vegetable garden near a house was shelled, but the attacks later spread to nearby farmland. If the flames were to spread through the fields, the livelihood of the village population would be destroyed.