At least 16 civilians killed by Turkey in a village of Serekaniye

It came out that the Turkish state has committed yet another massacre against civilians in in Mishrafa village of Serekaniye. Bodies of at least 16 people have been found by civilians.

The Turkish state launched a military offensive on October 9 seeking to invade North and East Syria together with its jihadist mercenary allies.

The indiscriminate violent attacks ongoing since have been targeting the civilian population directly, having already killed a number of people in aerial and ground attacks.

A civilian convoy from the Cizire Region has left for the Serekaniye city earlier today to bring wounded people out of the city. They want a corridor to be opened so they can enter, and reach the wounded.

The people in the convoy have reached the village of Mishrafa to find out a brutal massacre carried out by the occupation forces. People have removed the bodies of at least 16 civilians from the rubble of houses bombed by Turkish jets on October 9.

The occupation forces have also struck the village of Zirgan in Serekaniye on Friday, leaving 12 civilians injured. Three of those critically injured have lost their lives, including Syrian Left Party member Hesen Newaw Heci Eli.

As search efforts under the rubble continue the tally is feared to increase.