Autonomous Administration offers rehabilitation programs to ISIS mercenaries' families

Continuing its efforts to minimize the threat posed by ISIS, the Autonomous Administration offered the families of mercenaries staying in Hol Camp rehabilitation programs.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, through its institutions, is making great efforts in both Hol and Roj camps, where ISIS families are located.

The camp management affiliated with the Democratic Autonomous Administration is working to rehabilitate the families in the camps, put an end to the radical ideas of ISIS and keep children away from these ideas.

Hol camp, deemed the most dangerous camp in the world, is the camp where the largest number of ISIS mercenary families live. The camp management, together with civil society associations, local and international NGOs, devoted most of its resources to the rehabilitation of these families.

Hol Camp co-chair Xorşîd Qiro told ANHA that they are trying to prevent the spread of radical ideas and added: "Associations affiliated with the Autonomous Administration are carrying out rehabilitation programs for the camp residents. We are also trying to attract local associations and international organizations here. The struggle here requires great effort and this is very important."

One of the institutions working on the organization of families in the Hol camp is the Syrian Women's Council. They are trying to rehabilitate all the women and children in the camp, except for the foreign families’ section. The council is trying to distance women from radical ideas through seminars, psychology and vocational training.

Cihan Hemze, chair of the Camps Committee of the Syrian Women's Council and manager of awareness and rehabilitation programs for women and children in Hol Camp, said: "We organize various events, organizational and vocational training in the camp."

Hemze continued: "We received many death threats. In addition, the tent in which we work was burned. Women who carry out education and awareness programs are also subjected to threats."

Qiro said that the radical ISIS women tried to instill radical ideas in children through sharia lessons and spread false information about the rehabilitation programs in the camp. He added that some women and children who benefited from the rehabilitation programs were also threatened and targeted.