Current situation in Ayn Issa

The Turkish state tries to control the international highway M4 with the help of jihadist militias and station artillery and tanks at Ayn Issa. The SDF defends the region.

As in Serêkaniyê (Ral al-Ain), the Turkish forces and their jihadist allies gathered under the name of so-called Syrian National Army are trying to extend their occupation zone from Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) further south.

The occupation forces seek to invade the strategically important international highway M4 and the town of Ayn Issa. The goal of the invaders is to cut off the connection between the regions of Euphrates and Cizire, after Kobanê and Manbij. Ayn Issa is also an important junction in the connection between Hesekê (al-Hassakah) and Aleppo.

Mercenaries try to take suburbs of Girê Spî

According to reports by fighters from the region, the Turkish army, together with jihadist mercenaries, attacked the villages of Tina and Cerid, about one kilometre to Ayn Issa. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) moved into the villages at the request of the village population and defended them. The invasion troops have so far failed in the villages off Ayn Issa because of the resistance of the SDF.

ISIS members who fled prisons take part in attack

In a conversation with ANHA, a SDF fighter who defended the villages of Tina and Cerid said that ISIS jihadists who had broken out of the prisons and camps in Ain Issa were also involved in the attacks.