El-Ebid: Turkey doesn't want a safe zone, but a surrender zone

Speaking at a human shield action in Serêkaniyê, Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration deputy co-chair, Hemdan El-Ebid, said that Turkey does not want a safety zone but a surrender occupation area.

The human shield action in Serêkaniyê is on its 12th day. The human shields are protesting the threats of occupation issued by Turkey.

Speaking at the action, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria deputy co-chair, Hemdan El-Ebid said Turkey is threatening to invade areas of North and East Syria to settle terrorist groups there as it did in Bab and Afrin.

El-Ebid underlined that in the North and East of Syria peoples from different identities and beliefs are living together in a common way. He also reminded the resistance and victory of the SDF forces against ISIS and the Turkey-affiliated mercenary groups. "Turkey - he said - wants to fulfill the tasks of ISIS."

Turkey does not want a safe zone in North and East Syria, said El-Ebid, "Turkey wants a surrender area. We tell the people in Turkey to come back to their lands, certainly better than Erdogan's land."

El-Ebid also added that the people and their defense forces are "ready to defend their lands from any attacks by Turkey."