El Erec: If all Syrians are united, Turkey cannot do anything

The Secretary General of the Syrian Democratic National Alliance Party, Ehmed El Erec, said that if all Syrians are united, the occupying Turkish state will not be able to do anything in the region.

The Secretary General of the Syrian Democratic National Alliance Party, Ehmed El Erec, spoke to ANHA about the protests in the occupied territories, the plans of the occupying Turkish state and the developments in Syria.

Stating that the war between Israel and Hamas, the conflicts between Israel and Iran-Hezbollah and the war between Russia and Ukraine have also affected the occupied territories in Syria, Ehmed El Erec said that the Turkish state, taking advantage of these developments in the world, occupied the region and changed its demography.

Pointing out that the policy of the Turkish state is to weaken the power of the peoples, especially the people of Syria and Iraq, by taking advantage of the conflicts, Ehmed El Erec continued: "Erdoğan is trying to realise his dream of Misak-i Milli [The so-called ‘National Pact’ refers to a political declaration made by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire in 1920 during the First World War. The oath defined the territorial borders – including Kurdish settlement areas in present-day Iraq and Syria – and the basic principles for Turkey’s future policy. Today, Turkish nationalists often refer to the ‘National Pact’ to formulate their aspirations for Turkey’s territorial expansion]. The attacks on South Kurdistan and North-East Syria are carried out within this framework. Erdoğan is also intervening in some Arab and African countries, threatening the security of the peoples. In order to do all this, the Turkish state openly supports gangs and uses them as a tool to realise its plans."

Ehmed El Erec said that the Turkish state has made Afrin a tragic place for the people due to its crimes against women, children, nature and settlements.

Ehmed El Erec pointed out that the Turkish regime uses political Islam to turn people against each other and fuels wars to maintain its existence. He added: "The Entente, the Syrians in the ENKS and all Syrians are now aware of Turkey's policies."

Emphasising the cooperation of some Arab states with the occupying Turkish state, Ehmed El Erec said: "We demand that Arab states, especially Qatar and Kuwait, stop supporting the fascist Turkish regime and end their policies, especially against the Syrian people. As Syrians, we do not want enmity with the peoples in the region."

Stating that there is a secret war between Turkey and Iran over Aleppo and that Turkey's desire to occupy Aleppo remains, Ehmed El Erec said, "The solution to the conflicts in Syria is through the unity of the Syrian people, dialogue and a national congress in Syria. First of all, we must build our unity, prepare a new Syrian Constitution that will protect the honour of all Syrians and solve the problems arising from the war. Turkey cannot do anything when all Syrians are united. The decision for a political solution in Syria is in the hands of Syrians. I believe that the new year will bring many surprises for the Syrians."