Elections in Iran: 41 percent turnout

In Iran, the turnout in the elections was 41 percent according to unofficial data. It is stated that the boycott was effective in Kurdish cities.

According to unofficial results, the turnout in Iran's 12th parliamentary and 6th Assembly of Experts elections was around 41 percent. The elections for 290 members of parliament and 88 members to be elected to the Parliament of Experts have ended in Iran, where there are approximately 61 million voters.

Iran's official agency IRNA announced that 25 million voters went to the polls according to the unofficial results.

More than 15,000 candidates competed for 290 seats in the Iranian Parliament, while 144 candidates participated in the elections for 88 seats in the Assembly of Experts. A total of 61 million 172 thousand 298 voters across the country have the right to vote, with 41 percent of the total votes cast.

Again, according to incomplete results, about 25 percent of the voters in the capital Tehran went to the polls.

According to the unofficial results, Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi, a candidate from South Khorasan province for the Assembly of Experts, received more than 80 percent of the votes.

In some regions, the elections reportedly went to a second round.

Boycott in East Kurdistan

In East Kurdistan, 414 candidates withdrew before the elections started. In Loristan province, 126 out of 384 candidates announced their withdrawal, while 258 candidates competed for 9 seats in the province. In Urmia, 100 out of 385 accepted candidates withdrew, while in Kermanshah, where a total of 294 candidates competed, 95 candidates announced their withdrawal at the last minute.

In some regions, the elections reportedly went to a second round.

In Sine (Sanandaj), 51 out of 184 candidates withdrew their candidacy, and finally in Ilam, 42 out of 96 candidates withdrew. The boycott is said to be effective in Kurdish cities where 33 percent of the candidates withdrew.

The early results of the elections are expected to be announced today and the final results are expected to be announced within a week.