Farewell to ISF members killed in Turkish attack in Qamishlo

Four members of the Internal Security Forces, who were killed in an aerial attack by the Turkish state yesterday, were laid to rest.

Four members of the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria lost their lives as a result of an UAV attack carried out by the occupying Turkish state in Qamishlo yesterday (2 February 2024).

The victims, Ebdulselam El Ehmed, Mihemed El Seyîd, Rebah El Ehmed and Yamin Şedad, were laid to rest in Qamishlo today.

Thousands of people gathered in the Entariyê neighborhood and accompanied the martyrs on their final journey to the Şehit Delîl Sarûxan Cemetery of Martyrs in Meyselûn neighborhood, chanting “Şehid namirin” (Martyrs are immortal).

Speaking during the ceremony at the cemetery, Weed El Ilêwî, Co-Chair of the Assembly of Martyrs' Families in Til Birak, vowed that they would resist against all kinds of attacks of the occupying Turkish state.

Stating that the occupying Turkish state disrupted the fight against ISIS, Weed El Ilêwî from the Internal Security Forces Management said: "Our comrades, who are directly targeted by the attacks of the occupying Turkish state, were taking part in the third phase of the Operation Humanity and Security against ISIS gangs in Hol Camp. The occupying Turkish state, which supports ISIS gangs, had previously bombed the Anti-Drug Units in the Kocherat region of Derik. We will continue to follow in the footsteps of our martyrs no matter what. We will protect our lands against occupation attacks."

Mihemed Arif al-Hamdoun, member of the Management of the Internal Security Forces Relations Office and Spokesman for the Sharabîn tribe, said: "We strongly condemn the attacks of the occupying Turkish state and its gangs against the region.  We will continue our struggle against DAESH gangs. The occupying Turkish state is committing war crimes by these attacks. We will stand against all kinds of conspiracies in line with the ideas of Leader Abdullah Öcalan."

After the speeches, the martyrdom certificates were read and handed over to the families. The martyrs were then laid to rest with the slogan “Şehid namirin”.