Hayat Tehrîr Al-Sham mercenaries kidnap 11 people in Idlib

Hayat Tehrîr Al-Sham mercenaries kidnapped 11 people during raids in Idlib.

Hayat Tehrîr Al-Sham mercenaries continue to commit crimes against the people in the occupied areas. According to sources in the region, the mercenaries kidnapped many people from the city of Binish in the Idlib countryside on Saturday.

Sources from the region told ANHA that 11 people were kidnapped from the city of Binish in the Idlib countryside, which is under the control of Hayat Tehrîr Al-Sham mercenaries.

The same sources said that the intelligence of the Turkish state and its affiliated mercenaries have raided houses in Ezaz, Bab, Afrin, Rai, Etarib and Ebzemo for two days and kidnapped many people.

A total of 17 people have been kidnapped in the occupied regions, and images of the torture carried out on the kidnapped people were broadcast on Turkish television.

In the images, Turkish officials forced the kidnapped citizens to kiss the Turkish flag.

The Turkish state closed all border gates with Syria and cut off the internet in the occupied regions.