HSM commemorates June 1 Offensive: Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are ready to carry out all tasks

HSM commemorates the anniversary of the June 2004 offensive, which opened a new chapter for the Kurdish freedom movement's struggle.

The 1 June offensive in 2004 represents a historic turning point for the Kurdish freedom movement. After a deep crisis, attempts to dismantle the PKK from within and a comprehensive restructuring, a renewed PKK entered the stage of world history on 1 June 2004 with a wave of actions. Five years earlier, the crisis of the freedom movement had been heralded by the abduction of its leader Abdullah Öcalan in an international conspiracy. Subsequently, patriarchal, pro-imperialist, feudalist forces tried to hijack and destroy the freedom movement. However, through the resistance of the Kurdish movement in the mountains and of Abdullah Öcalan on the prison island of Imrali, the PKK was able to renew itself and spread a genuine, anti-authoritarian alternative to capitalist modernity with the model of democratic confederalism. Thus, 1 June became an important commemoration day for the Kurdish freedom movement.

The Central Headquarters of the People's Defence Forces (HSM) released a statement on the occasion of the 1 June 2004 offensive, which includes the following:

"As is known, in 1999, with the help of the reactionary forces in the region and the international hegemonic powers, the Turkish state brought its attack against Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] to an absolute climax and tried to achieve results in this way. Through his great foresight and his upright attitude in spite of all reprisals, Leader Apo was able to frustrate this international plot and open the way to a democratic solution process to the Kurdish question. On this basis, he called on all guerrilla forces to halt the armed struggle and withdraw from the state borders of Turkey. Our movement and our armed forces heeded this call, and we withdrew from the north [Northern Kurdistan].

Despite this prudent and solution-oriented approach of the Leader and our movement, the Turkish state did not take any steps towards a solution in the period from 1999 to 2004. Instead, it pursued a policy of decomposing our movement by allying with criminal tendencies. The AKP government, which came to power in the same period, took advantage of the regional developments and tried to complete the failed international conspiracy by launching a new concept of annihilation and destruction. For five years, in the face of all denial, annihilation and repression, our movement showed the utmost patience and an awareness of its historical responsibility by not firing a single shot. However, it had no choice but to start a historic offensive of determination and resistance against the international conspiracy and liquidation efforts of the AKP government. On this basis, the historic offensive of 1 June was put on the agenda, going down in history as the name of the Kurdish people's dignified attitude and holy resistance against the continuation of the international plot through the concept of 'either surrender or annihilation' and the decision on the line of Leader Apo.

A second 15 August

There is no doubt about the fact that the 1 June 2004 offensive has the role of a second 15 August [15 August 1984 - the beginning of the armed struggle of the guerrillas] in the defensive war to protect the existence of the Kurdish people. The new phase of the struggle, which was launched with the 1 June offensive, was an important response to the policy of annihilation launched by the Turkish state with the support of the forces behind the international conspiracy. It formed the basis for rekindling the hopes for a solution through dialogue that Leader Apo had been striving for since 1993, for laying the foundation for building the KCK system and for finding the possibility of practical implementation of the Leader’s paradigm.

The spirit of 1 June unites the struggle of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas in the mountains and the Kurdish people in the cities. It not only laid the foundation for hope, but at the same time forced the Turkish state back to the negotiating table, even if it ultimately thwarted all peace efforts through its insincerity. It is clear that the 1 June Offensive played an important role in creating a climate for discussing the solution to the Kurdish question, whether through the ceasefires that were repeatedly called from 2006 onwards or through talks in Oslo and Imrali. In this sense, this historic offensive can be considered in its political impact and can be said to have made an important contribution to the growth of our struggle.

"The guerrillas are ready to carry out all their tasks"

Without doubt, Leader Apo's work, his efforts and the paradigm of democratic modernity he developed, as well as the guerrilla struggle led by our brave martyrs, are the main sources of this growth and these developments. The 1 June Offensive not only initiated a phase of mass movement in the struggle against the enemy, but also triggered a mass movement in the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla itself. All the developments around the overcoming of the impasse in which the guerrillas found themselves in the war that had lasted for years, the restructuring processes to build a modern guerrilla, according to the demands of the age, are under the deep impression of the 1 June Offensive. The guerrilla of democratic modernity, the guerrilla of the new age, was formed on this line. It displays the capacity to defend open spaces against the most modern technology at the highest level. At the same time, resistance, struggle and the reality of war have gained a new perspective through a deepening of the spirit of sacrifice. Today, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are not only fighting on the ground like the classical guerrillas, but are fighting at a masterful level on the ground, in the air and underground.

There is no doubt that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, who have been putting up epic resistance for 39 years against all odds, have the determination, strength and conviction to confront and frustrate any attack against the existence and freedom of our people. The guerrillas have proven their invincibility in the past eight years with their successes in professional terrain-based unit warfare tactics and tunnel warfare tactics against the attacks of the AKP/MHP/Ergenekon regime. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are always ready to carry out all tasks that fall upon them for the freedom of our people and the Leader.

We once again congratulate all our people, our friends and all our comrades on the 19th anniversary of the historic 1 June Offensive, and wish great success to the freedom fighters, our people and all the fighting forces in the 20th year of our glorious offensive.”