Human shields action in Serêkaniyê reaches day three

The human shield action against the Turkish occupation has reached day three in Serêkaniyê. Today, the peoples living in the canton of Hesekê will take over the action.

The Turkish state could attack any minute and peoples living along the border in Serêkaniyê have been organising a human shield action for three days.

Thousands of people have joined the action launched by the people of Jazira region on 7 October.

Co-chair of the Hesekê canton Abdul Xani, has joined the people on Wednesday.

Xani condemned the conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan on 9 October 1998 and emphasised the need for unity of the people against the occupation.

Xani underlined the importance of the superiority of the will against the technical superiority of the Turkish state.

The human shield action will be taken over by the peoples of Hesekê Canton today. The people will met at Serêkaniyê Culture Center and will walk to the border area where the action is taking place.