Jabhat al-Akrad shoots down a kamikaze drone in Manbij

A kamikaze drone shot down in Boyêhic village in Manbij is reported to belong to the Turkish state.

The Press Liaison Center of Manbij Military Council announced that the Siwar Idlîb Brigade of Jabhat al-Akrad Forces shot down a kamikaze drone belonging to the occupying Turkish state in Boyêhij village west of Manbij.

Manbij is located 30 kilometers south of the Turkish border and occupies a key strategic position in Turkey's plans to expand its illegal occupation zone in northern Syria. The city, which is administered by the Democratic Autonomous Administration, is located on the important M4 highway, which runs through northern Syria like a lifeline and was a strategic supply route for ISIS.

In 2022, Manbij was named by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the primary target for a new invasion of northern and eastern Syria. There have been repeated attacks by the Turkish army and allied jihadist militias as well as infiltration attempts aimed primarily at civilian settlement areas with the aim of displacing the population.