‘Martyr Rojhat Group’ claims the explosion in Afrin

Three people were killed in the explosion in Afrin two days ago.

‘Martyr Rojhat Group’ has released a statement claiming responsibility for the explosion that occurred in Afrin city centre on August 21. According to the statement, three people died as a result.

The statement said the following;

“We are a group from Afrin and Aleppo, bearing the name ‘Martyr Rojhat’. With our actions, we will be targeting the invading Turkish army and their mercenaries. We will also target those who were brought in from other places, settled in Afrin and occupied the houses of people. We will never forget the traitors that have links to the occupation forces either.

In this scope, we carried out an action with an explosive device on Rajo road in Afrin city centre on August 21, 2018. Three people, who were brought from outside and settled in Afrin on the instruction of the invading Turkish state, and who plundered and occupied people’s houses, were killed in the action.”

The statement ended with the following warning; “We warn all outsiders that have settled in Afrin, that they will be the target of our actions in the event that they don’t leave Afrin.”