People of Maxmur fill up ditches with bare hands

The Iraqi army started digging ditches after deploying troops around the Maxmur refugee camp in the morning hours. Camp residents who are resisting the siege are trying to fill up the ditches with their hands.

Despite five days of negotiations, the Iraqi army deployed troops to the strategic points of the Maxmur Refugee Camp in the morning, on the sixth day of the residents’ resistance, and started digging trenches in its ongoing attempt to surround the camp with barbed wire and watchtowers.

The residents of the camp declared that they would not allow a siege.

Seid Çomlek, a member of the Maxmur Diplomacy Committee, said: “The public backlash against the abrupt attempt of the Iraqi army has been very strong.”

Çomlek noted that the committee had several meetings with the authorities, stressing that they would not accept barbed wire and towers.

Çomlek pointed out that the attempt to siege the camp was prompted by Turkey and the KDP. He added that the Iraqi authorities promised to stop the siege during the talks but failed to keep it.

“We did not show any disrespect to the Iraqi government. Still, they want to enforce Turkey's demands on us, which we do not accept. We want to resolve problems through dialogue,” said Çomlek, adding that this is the first time such a thing is happening.

Çomlek remarked that they were resisting using their democratic right, saying: “The Maxmur Camp has nothing to do but to resist. If barbed wire and towers are installed around the camp today, Turkey's demands will increase even more in the future. Our people must remain vigilant.”

Çomlek concluded: “Early in the morning, the Iraqi army started digging ditches. People have resisted it. Mothers have taken action to fill up the ditches with their hands because they have nothing else. They use their bare hands. This is a message to all our people. What is happening is disrespect to us. Ditches are dug for criminals and threats. We want to understand why they are digging ditches, which we will continue to reject.”