People visit cemeteries of martyrs in North-East Syria on the first day of Eid

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, cemeteries of martyrs were visited and flowers were laid by citizens in North-East Syria.

As every year, the martyrs' cemeteries were full of people after the prayers on the first day of Eid. Families of martyrs, civil society organisations, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, Internal Security Forces, SDF, YPJ and YPG commanders and fighters gathered on the first day of Eid to keep the memory of martyrs alive.

Citizens coming out of mosques visited the graves of their relatives with prayers. The families of martyrs cleaned the graves, read the Quran and prayed at the graves and distributed roses and sweets.

During the visit, speeches were made on behalf of the Council of Martyrs' Families and non-governmental organisations and the memories of freedom fighters were commemorated.

In the speeches, it was emphasised that the security of the region was ensured thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs, and the importance of the unity of the peoples was underlined. The importance of uniting around civilian and military institutions was highlighted.

It was promised that the legacy of the martyrs would be embraced and followed in their footsteps.