Residents of two Kurdish neighbourhoods in Aleppo provide their own security

The security of the Ashrafiyah and Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhoods of Aleppo is provided by the residents based on self-defence.

Residents of two Kurdish neighbourhoods in Aleppo, Ashrafiyah and Sheikh Maqsoud, who take turns patrolling from 20.00 to 05.00, say that self-defence is as necessary as food, water and shelter.

Speaking to ANF, Fatma Mihemed (43) stated that self-defence is a fundamental duty and responsibility and said: "If we don't ensure the security of our neighbourhood, anyone can come with open arms. If we cannot ensure the security of our neighbourhood, we cannot ensure the security of our lands. We can ensure a stable and peaceful life with the security provided in small spaces. Self-defence develops with sensitivity. The fact that Sheikh Maqsoud was recognized as a stronghold of resistance was due to the strong self-defence that developed. If our self-defence had not been strong, we would not have been able to contribute strength to such a war and we would not have written our name in history with resistance. As the people of Sheikh Maqsoud, we developed self-defence by joining hands and stood against the gangs. As in different dimensions, women lead in self-defence."  

'A defence system based on our own power is a must'

Loqman Qadir Hisên (50) stated that self-defence is indispensable to defend a people and said: "Every Kurd must protect his/her street, neighbourhood and family. A defence system based on our own power is a must. These streets and neighbourhoods have witnessed tremendous resistance. A weak self-defence system is to perish in an intense war environment. With an organised self-defence, we can protect our streets and prevent special war policies. We are our self-defence. In this context, organised people can also develop an organised self-defence."

Round-the-clock patrols

Şîrîn Xişman (33) remarked that she joined the patrol mission in 2018 and stated the following: "During the Sheikh Maqsoud resistance, we realised the necessity of self-defence. It is more important than bread and water. A woman builds the future of society by developing self-defence. Self-defence is necessary for every human being. Someone who cannot develop their personal self-defence cannot develop the self-defence of society. Without the Revolutionary People's War that developed in Sheikh Maqsoud, we would not be in our neighborhood today. For this reason, we patrol our neighbourhood day and night."

'We draw our strength from each other'

Wehîd Elî Sebrî, who joined the patrol mission despite his advanced age and health problems, said "We developed our self-defence without anyone's support. We do not expect anyone from outside to come and protect us. As the people of Ashrafiyah and Sheikh Maqsoud, we draw our strength from each other. We take turns in patrol from 20.00 to 05.00. I see self-defence as my duty."