Security operation: Internal Security Forces arrest 47 gang members

In a large security operation launched by the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria against the sleeper cells of ISIS gangs and criminal organizations, 47 people were detained and a large number of weapons and drugs were seized.

In a written statement on Monday, the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria said, "In line with the information obtained by our forces regarding ISIS sleeper cells and criminal organizations, an operation was carried out today (March 4, 2024) in the morning in designated areas stretching from Hesekê to Shaddadi district."

"During the operation, 13 ISIS members, 3 gang members affiliated with the occupying Turkish state and 31 members of criminal organizations were detained," the statement said.

The weapons and drugs seized during the operation were listed as follows:

3 Bruno brand guns

12 K47 brand guns with 20 magazines

7 double barelled guns

8 rifles, 9 magazines and 10 rounds of ammunition

7 laptop computers

7 shotguns

50 BKC gun bullets

3 binoculars

1 military vest

1 sharp object (knife)

Broken parts of a K47 rifle

30 grams of hashish

20 tramadol pills

Crystal, H-Bose (3 grams)

5 H-Bose drug-vaping devices