Situation in Hol Camp poses a danger to the whole world

Dilbirîn Kobanê, one of the commanders of the Humanitarian and Security Action said that the situation in Hol Camp poses a danger to the whole world, and added that the operation in the camp was delayed because of the Turkish attacks.

Dilbirîn Kobanê, one of the commanders of the Humanitarian and Security Operation, spoke about the operation in Hol Camp. Dilbirîn Kobanê said that everyone is watching the dangers posed by Hol Camp but no one acted responsibly.

Commander Dilbirîn Kobanê said that they launched the first phase of the Humanitarian and Security Operation under the command of Martyr Jiyan Tolhildan last year. "The aim of the first phase of the operation was to target the spread of ISIS cells in the region. Very important results were obtained through this operation; ISIS cells were exposed. After the military defeat in Baghouz, ISIS mercenaries wanted to reorganize and use Hol Camp as one of their own camps. So a step had to be taken and this step was the operation launched under the command of martyr Jiyan Tolhildan.”

Commander Kobanê continued: “The reason for the delay in the second phase of the operation in Hol Camp was the Turkish state's attacks on the region. The camp has been under scrutiny for a long time. The danger in the camp was growing, because the ISIS mercenaries not only organized but also carried out various actions. Therefore, the second stage of the operation was deemed necessary. The existence of this camp is dangerous not only for the region but also for the whole world. Since the training of the ISIS mentality was carried out in different ways in the camp, we had to act. Since the Rojava Revolution is a humanitarian revolution, we are responsible for eliminating all kinds of dangers."

Commander Kobanê said: "Some of the ISIS mercenaries who took action and killed civilians in this operation were arrested. Another purpose of the operation was to remove empty tents from the camp, because ISIS used them as places of training, torture and action, as well as a court and courthouse. The ISIS mercenaries had built long tunnels and underground shelters to hide their weapons. In these tunnels they hid the people they killed and tortured. Another reason why this operation was important is that children were raised with the ISIS mentality. For a few years, this has only been the burden of Rojava, but everyone should know that this is a danger for the whole world. Therefore, everyone must do their part to reduce this danger. Everyone sees the danger, but no one has acted responsibly until now. This is everyone's burden and duty. And then there is the role of the Turkish state. More massacres took place in the region and the operation in Hol Camp was postponed. ISIS is not only organizing in the camp, they are also organizing in the region and they are frequently seen. All actions taken in the camp are documented and announced to the public. For this, we say once again that everyone should fulfil their humanitarian duty. Because this is a dangerous situation not only for Rojava, but for everyone. That's why the peoples of the world should approach this situation responsibly, just like the people of Rojava."

The international community must find a solution

Internal Security Forces Spokesperson Elî El Hesen pointed out that there are 55,000 people in Hol Camp. Emphasizing that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Internal Security Forces have made great efforts to ensure the security of the camp, El Hesen said that they have called on the international community to find a solution to a problem which affects everyone.

'We can't get out of the tents out of fear'

The refugees in Hol Camp said that they live in fear because of the ISIS cells present in the camp and welcome such security operations.

Iraqi Najah Zain Muhammed said that they saw what was happening in the camp, but they could not make a sound out of fear. He said that murders were committed in the camp, and that if they oppose ISIS mercenaries, they could also be harmed.

Emphasizing that there is no security in the camp, Eyûb Necim Ebdullah said that they could not sleep until midnight because of fear.

Heya Hisên, who arrived in Hol Camp from Iraq 4 years ago, emphasized that Humanitarian and Security operations are needed for them to live peacefully in the camp.

Suheyla Humeyd Ebdullah has been living in Hol Camp for 4 years. Noting that they lived in fear because of the presence of ISIS, Ebdullah said: "We live in fear because of the persecution by ISIS in the camp. We are grateful that we are still alive when we wake up in the morning because so many murders and massacres took place in the camp. When a family member gets sick in the evening, they cannot leave their tent out of fear."