Syrian mercenaries impose 300,000 dollars “fee” on family in Afrin

Syrian mercenaries linked to Turkey imposed a 300,000 dollars “fee” on a family in Afrin, in exchange for the recovery of their agricultural land confiscated since the occupation of Afrin in 2018.

Sources close to the Agha family in Afrin told ANHA agency that the mercenaries of the jihadist group “Ahrar al-Charkiya”, affiliated with the Turkish state, asked the family of Jahid Agha for a fee of 300,000 dollars to return them their agricultural land near the village of Rubaria, in the southwest of the Kurdish canton of Afrin occupied by Turkey since March 2018.

The sources indicated that the mercenaries of the "Ahrar al-Sharqiya Army" have confiscated these lands since 2018 and prohibited the family from setting foot there.

Since March 2018, Turkish-jihadist mercenaries have committed war crimes against the Kurds and Yazidis of Afrin, including expropriations, murders, kidnappings and rape of women and girls, torture of civilians arbitrarily arrested, etc.