Teachers protest Turkish threats in Kobanê and Serêkaniyê

Thousands of teachers have demonstrated on Wednesday in Kobanê and Serêkaniyê against the Turkish state threats of invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria.

Teachers demonstrated in Kobanê and Serêkaniyê responding to the call for action made by Kongreya Star that urged every section of society to protest the Turkish threats of invasion.

The slogan of the actions is ’Protect Your Land and Honor, Defeat ISIS and Invasion”.


Teachers in Kobanê walked from Martyr Egid Square to the Free Woman Square with a banner saying ”Teachers from Kobanê do not accept the Ottoman occupation mentality in Kurdistan”.

In the statement made by Ruken Mihemed, member of Euphrates Teachers' Coordination, the role of women in community organization was emphasized and all women were urged to take to the streets and demonstrate in unity against the occupation.

Ruken said that women fighting against ISIS will also resist the threats of occupation.


In Serêkaniyê too, hundreds of teachers protested against the Turkish state threats of occupation. The crowd gathered in front of Rojava Hospital and marched to the action tent on Korniş Street with banners saying "No to occupation ” and "Protect Your Land and Honor, Defeat ISIS and Invasion”.

Hundreds of people from Girkê Legê and Dêrik also visited the action tent and participated in the action against the occupation.

Sozdar Mihemed from the Schools Administration made a statement about the action. "The Turkish state poses a danger to the entire Middle East."

Sozdar Mihemed said Erdogan would not "realize his dreams of occupation. The people would be a shield against any attack."