Tribute to Diyar Xerib, the altruistic revolutionary of Kurdistan

PKK Central Committee and KCK General Presidential Council Member Martyr Comrade Helmet (Diyar Xerib Muhammed) fell martyr on 5 July 2019, following a Turkish air strike.

Martyr Helmet, whose real name is Diyar Xerib Mihemed Resul, was born in the village of Sêwsênan in Qeredax, Sulaymaniyah, in April 1973.

He was the fourth child of a well known family in Qeredax. Dilêr, who is one year older than Diyar Xerib, was a Peshmerga in the South Kurdistan serhildan. In 1991, he fell martyr in the war against the Baath regime for the liberation of Kirkuk.

Comrade Helmet joined the freedom struggle at a young age and gave 25 years of his life to the struggle for the Kurdish people’s freedom and the fraternity of the Middle Eastern peoples.

He trained with Leader Abdullah Ocalan, he took on every task available from a fighter to the PKK Central Committee and KCK General Presidential Council member.

He was a valiant revolutionary militant and a deeply patriotic man. He had great contributions to Southern Kurdistan’s struggle for democratization where he worked for a long time.

He worked hard for education for all sections of South Kurdistan society, starting with the youth and women, and for raising awareness in the line of Apoist patriotism and for their organization. He took part in the guerrilla resistance for a long time against fascist Turkish state invasionism and colonialism.

He worked hard to unite all Kurds and Kurdish politics in the Kurdistan National Congress. In doing all these he became a revolutionary beloved by all our people in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad.

Diyar Xerib established the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PÇDK) in 2002 with a group of friends, including martyr Viyan Soran.

Martyr Diyar Xerib carried out education and organization for many years in Binarê Qendîl and many cities of South Kurdistan. It is shown as an exemplary PKK staff among the people with its efforts and efforts.

He was elected executive at the 2nd and 3rd congresses of the PÇDK. Xerib, with his conscious and intelligent personality, worked hard to develop the PÇDK. He is elected president of the party at its 5th Congress. From 2008 to 2014, he was chair and co-chair of the PÇDK.

Martyr Diyar Xerib has written for many magazines as well as Gotar and Lêkolîn as a brave journalist and had a good and sharp pen. He wrote books on history, religion, youth and democratic self-government. Writer and journalist Hesen Cûdî delivered new editions of the martyr Diyar Xerib's 6 books.