Turkish shelling leaves agricultural fields on fire in Rojava

The occupying Turkish state bombed the villages of Um al-Hosh, Minix, Radar and Hilîsa in Shehba and burnt a field completely.

The occupying Turkish state is systematically committing grave war crimes by targeting agricultural lands and basic infrastructure services in North-East Syria.

On the night of 7 May, the villages of Um El Hosh, Minix, Radar and Hilîsa in Shehba region were bombed. While a howitzer shell fired on Um El Hosh village did not explode and continued to pose a threat, a field was completely burnt.

Speaking to ANHA, Zekeriya Şahod, a resident of Um El Hoş village, said that the entire village was bombarded, while Mihemed Mihemed said that the shells hitting the village caused panic among the residents.

Zekeriya Cimo stated that an artillery shell fell in front of his house and has not exploded yet, while a field on the borderline was completely burnt as a result of the shelling.

Yûsêf Heded said, "We planted barley and wheat here, but the daily shelling by the occupying Turkish state poses a danger to us. In addition, our barley field was completely burnt due to the bombardment and we still cannot approach our field due to the danger."

The occupying Turkish state and its gangs bombarded Hirbil and Um El Hosh villages in Shehba region on 8 May. After the bombardment, a fire broke out in the fields in the village.

After the bombardment, reconnaissance aircraft movement was observed in the region.