YPS-JIN sets fire to grey wolves’ office in Istanbul

Martyr Erdal Şahin YPS JIN Retaliation Team said that they set fire to an office of the Grey Wolves, a racist paramilitary organization of the state, in Ümraniye district of Istanbul.

The YPS JIN said in a written statement: “Our Martyr Erdal Şahin YPS JIN Retaliation Team set the Ümraniye Ülkü Ocakları  office on fire in Istanbul at 11.30pm on September 28 against the fascist AKP-MHP regime.”

The statement added: “The fascist AKP-MHP regime has recently given priority to racism in its activities in Turkey and Kurdistan.”

The statement continued: “The Grey Wolves organization is a paramilitary organization controlled by the fascist AKP-MHP regime. This organization carries out the dirty activities of the fascist state. This criminal organization, which carries out its activities in a legal way, is responsible for disrupting the moral structure of society by carrying out activities such as drugs and women's trafficking and exacting tributes from businessmen. As the mafia organization of the fascist AKP-MHP regime, the Grey Wolves openly attack and even kill the Kurdish people. The fascist regime tells members of the Grey Wolves: ‘Kill the Kurdish people, the state will protect you’. In this way, state officials justify the Kurdish deaths. This is how a young Kurdish woman, Deniz Poyraz, was killed by a member of the Grey Wolves. Moreover, the recent attacks in Mersin, Aydın, Kastamonu cities and a Kurdish teenager who was exposed to racist attacks in Istanbul just two days ago are the outcome of fascist ideology.

Therefore, the Kurdish people should be aware of this state-run racism and fight against these racist attempts to protect themselves. If an uprising is not introduced, the Kurds will be unable to leave their houses even in Kurdistan, let alone in Turkey. All Kurdish people are the target of these racist attacks. Organizing a resistance against the racist attacks of the fascist regime should be the primary duty of the Kurdish people.

As the YPS-YPS JIN, we will hold the fascist AKP-MHP regime accountable for the deadly racist attacks against the Kurdish people. Our action in Istanbul today is based on the freedom struggle of our people. Our goal is to destroy fascism and we will destroy it.”