MMC fighters: We are ready to respond to the invasion attempts

Manbij Military Council fighters attending a training cycle stated that they are ready to respond to any and all attacks aimed at an invasion of their lands.

Another training cycle has started at the Manbij Military Council Academy. Fighters participating in the training spoke to Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

Pointing out the Turkish state’s invasion threats against Manbij, fighter Qerawî Minbic said the following; “These threats target not only Manbij but whole of Northern Syria. We are ready to respond to invasion attempts.”

Recalling that fighters of the Manbij Military Council had liberated the city from ISIS at the cost of heavy price, Qerawî Minbic added; “We will fight on the path of our martyrs till the last drop of blood.”

Another fighter, Ebû Seyah El-Minbicî, said Manbij Military Council is ready to retaliate any attack, emphasising that they will be defending their city no matter what.

Noting that the people of Manbij act in unity against all threats and attacks, Gorareş Sîpan added; “All the people of Manbij, the Manbij Military Council in the first place, are ready to defend their city to death.”