1,200 women subjected to violence in occupied Afrin

Afrin Human Rights Organisation reports that 1,200 cases of abduction, rape, sexual violence and murder of women by Turkish-backed militias have been reported to them since the occupation of the canton in March 2018.

The Turkish army and its militias commit human rights violations and war crimes every day in the territories they have occupied in North and East Syria. Women in particular are targeted by the occupying forces.

Afrin Human Rights Organisation reports that 1,200 cases of violence by occupying forces against women have been reported since March 2018. According to the organisation, 40 women were murdered, 60 women became the target of sexual violence, a hundred women were physically tortured and almost 1,000 women were abducted. The number of unreported cases is guessed to be much higher. At least five women have committed suicide as a result of the violence perpetrated by the occupying forces.

According to estimates of the human rights organisation, the documented cases represent about 30 percent of the real number. Hêhan Elî of the organisation stresses that the occupying forces systematically disregard women's rights, force them to wear burqa and in many places women are not even allowed to leave the house.