19 young men join Yazidi Asayish forces in Shengal

19 people trained in the Martyr Dijwar Term at Shengal Academy completed their cycle with a military ceremony and officially joined the Yazidi Asayish forces in an oath-taking ceremony.

Yazidi youth continue joining the Asayish (Public Security Forces) in the Yazidi town of Shengal (Sinjar) in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). 19 young men from the villages and towns of Shengal have joined the ranks of the Asayish most recently.

The participation of the new members came after completing a military training cycle that lasted 30 days.

The military ceremony marking the end of their cycle and participation in the ranks of struggle began with one minute's silence to commemorate the victims of the 74th massacre suffered by the Yazidi community in 2014.

Military discipline, Yazidi history and self-defence were taught during the cycle in the Martyr Dijwar Term at Shengal Academy.

At the ceremony, Zinar Feqir made a statement on behalf of the Yazidi Asayish Administration and congratulated the new members. Feqir said: “We have many enemies, especially the invading Turkish state and its collaborators, who want to massacre us and to implement their vicious plans against our people and Shengal. They are bombing Shengal with fighter jets in an attempt to make us stop fighting. We have just completed a training cycle, and this is the biggest blow and response to the enemy. We can dub this training cycle the revenge of the martyrs.”

Feqir continued: “We will fight to protect our people, whatever the cost, and we will not surrender our people to anyone. We made a promise, and we will continue to fight in the footsteps of martyrs. Because as the Yazidi people, we have been subjected to numerous massacres and never protected. There is no other way but to resist. We have paid a huge price with hard work and struggle, and we deserve to live freely.”

After the military ceremony, İlyas Xwedêda made a statement on behalf of the Shengal Executive Board and stated that the Yazidi youth who considered themselves responsible for the defence of their land and people boosted their morale and strength. Xwedêda added: “This will, which develops in Shengal and makes our people feel responsible for their society, emerged thanks to the efforts of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan. Resistance remains essential for our people to live freely and govern themselves.”

In a speech on behalf of the Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ), Rîhan Xidir said: “When our youth complete their training and undertake responsibility for their people, this gives us strength. It is our duty to embrace the labour of the martyrs.”

The Yazidi Asayish Administration then presented a photo of Martyr Dijwar Faqir (Mervan Bedel), who was martyred as a result of an attack organized by Turkish intelligence MIT and KDP’s intelligence Parastin in Xanesor (Khanasor) on December 7, 2022, to his mother.

After the oath-taking ceremony, the Asayish forces performed a traditional dance with the citizens present at the ceremony.