Activists in Oslo and Malmö protest killing of Jina Amini

The murder of young Kurdish woman Jina Amini by the Moral Police in Tehran and the deadly attacks by state forces against demonstrators were protested in Oslo and Malmö.

Hundreds of Kurdish, Iranian, and Norwegian activists gathered in front of the Norwegian Parliament on Saturday in Oslo.

Activists sent solidarity messages to the resistance of Kurdish and Iranian people and condemned the attacks by Iranian state forces against the protest actions.

The action was organized by the Association of the Communist Party of Iran together with other Iranian and Norwegian organizations.

In the action, photographs of Jina Amini, who was murdered by the Tehran Moral Police, and those killed in the uprising were carried.

Protests in Malmö

Hundreds of people participated in a march for the same purpose in Malmö, Sweden.

Activists gathered in Möllevångstorget and marched to Gustav Adolfs Torgets.

Activists chanted slogans protesting the killings by the Iranian state and sent messages of solidarity with the resistance in Iran and East Kurdistan.The Turkish state was also protested with the slogan "Terrorist Erdogan".

Activists also demanded freedom for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.