Another Yazidi woman murdered in Afrin

Fatma Hamke was 66 years old.

According to local sources in Afrin, a Yazidi woman was murdered by mercenaries linked to the Turkish state two days ago in the city.

Fatma Hamke, aged 66, lost her life after mercenaries attacked her house in the village of Qatme, with a grenade. The attack took place on 27 June around midnight and was carried out by mercenaries linked to the Turkish state. Hamke was living with her family.

After the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies, Fatma Hamke's husband, Henan Bayram, was arrested and badly tortured. A little later he was released.

Local sources reported that after the release of Henan Bayram, the pressures on his family increased.

The Turkish state and the mercenaries looted the city after they entered it on 18 March. They seized properties from citizens who had been forced to leave the city.

Following the pattern established all along the occupation attacks that began on 20 January, after the occupation of Afrin, crimes like rape, harassment, kidnapping, extortion, torture and massacre continued.

All citizens were hit by the violence and the Yazidi community in particular. The invaders blew up the centers of faith of the Yazidis, as well as the association center where the books of Yazidi faith, rescued from various parts of the Middle East, were held.

Many books were rare and precious, as was the only Zoroastrian statue in the Middle East.

Not satisfied with destroying every sign of the Yazidi faith and culture, the invaders forced Yazidi people to go to mosque and follow the precepts of Islam and women were forced to cover themselves and dress as DAESH (ISIS) mercenaries imposed.