Assyrian Women's House opened in Qamishlo

Assyrian Women's House opened in Qamishlo.

The Assyrian Women's House named ‘Eşterot’ was opened in Qamishlo to raise awareness about Assyrian women and solve family problems with the contributions of the Assyrian Women's Union and the Women's Justice Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Women's Assembly, the Jazira Women's Justice Council, Kongreya Star, the Women's Committee of the Democratic Syrian Assembly, Human Rights Organization and civil society organizations fighting violence against women.

 'We will defend the rights of all women’

Sîham Qeryo, spokeswoman of the Assyrian Women's Association, congratulated all women for the opening of the women's house.

Stressing that they will expand the women's struggle with the women's house, Qeryo said: “We will defend the rights of all Assyrian, Kurdish and Arab women living in Syria. We will try to ensure social justice and protect the rights of women through the works we will do in the women's houses.”