Feminist demonstration by Kurdish and Swiss women in Bern

The traditional feminist night demonstration in Bern was inspired this year by the women's resistance in Rojava.

Swiss women have organized a feminist women's demonstration in Bern together with the Mizgîn Women's Council. Despite the bad weather, many women took part in the demonstration.

With flags of the Kurdish women's movement TJK-E and the YPJ and with posters reading "We are not in mourning, we are in uprising" the demonstration took place with the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî" ( Women, life, freedom) through the city of Bern. The chants echoed through the streets: "Down with patriarchy" and "I wear what I want and I go where I want".

Speeches criticized the prevailing patriarchal system, capitalism, and sexist social gender roles, and protested against the abuses and sexualized violence against women and children. The demonstration ended at the Reitschule area.